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Upgrade parts for commercial RC cars
A selection of parts is available to increase the performance of your car.  Currently supported cars are listed below - click the link to go to a page for that vehicle.  If you would like a part that is not listed here, feel free to contact me.  Custom 1-offs are a speciality.
FTX Blaze/ST (Duratrax Vendetta)
This 1/18th scale buggy is the most popular car on the UK micro scene.  There are some hop-ups available but not all are great and they can be difficult to source.  If you are serious about your micro racing, get yourself hooked up with the Full Option edge.
Tamiya M-chassis

True scale cars that are affordable and exciting to race.  For stunning race pace the kit needs to have a few things added - Full Option race parts squeeze every last drop of speed out of the chassis, especially important with most M-chassis races run to limited power regulations.
Associated RC10R5
World GT class vehicle, a pure racing machine with a realistic edge.  The standard car is lacking in power.  4 cells - what's up with that?
Ansmann Mad Monkey (X2C)
The 2WD buggy that really upset the apple cart, costing pocket change but with National and Worlds-capable potential.
Tamiya Monster Beetle / ORV chassis
Popular basher retro truck, but without the toughness needed to handle real bashing.. at least until upgraded.