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RC10R5 LiPo conversion kit - £24

To be honest, this should be a factory standard option.  These cars are begging for more power than 4 cell.  There's so much space on the chassis, a 6 cell pack or LiPo fits easily with enough space for plenty of other gear.  On LiPos and a decent brushless power system the R5 is a rocket ship.
To fit this kit you will not need to modify the chassis or anything else in any way.  You can return to the standard 4 cell configuration easily.


2mm woven carbon fibre bridge with 4 shock mounting options
Relocated antenna mount position
Machined aluminium bridge supports
All mounting screws
Full assembly instructions

Associated RC10R5
CNC machined parts and kits for the RC10R5 World GT car.  Currently offered are LiPo conversion kits, 235mm conversions and NEW high strength bumper plates.
 Send me an email if you would like to place an order.
The kit can accommodate different thicknesses of LiPo pack, and different configurations such as stick or saddle styles.  NiMh cells can also be fitted.  To retain the pack, cell tape is used through the original battery slots, and an extra loop can be placed through the chassis lightening holes.
RC10R5 235mm front end conversion - £28

Punch the car out to a full 235mm to run it as a true Pro-10.  Bring back the days of 75mph finals and marshals in hockey gear! 
The primary subframe is machined out of 3mm solid carbon. To increase the strength and stiffness the 2mm tie bar is re-profiled to better take the buckling loads.  This kit will set the front track at about 220mm wide.  You still need to widen the rear track with offset hubs to bring the back end out to the correct width.  I suggest the Calandra wideners, which can be found here.
The suggested body is the Protoform P905B as shown in the pictures which works perfectly with this conversion kit.


2mm woven carbon fibre tie bar
3mm woven carbon fibre subframe

Saddle style LiPo fitted
Stick style LiPo fitted
RC10R5 with Full Option 235mm track kit fitted and LiPo conversion.  This car uses the Calandra axle wideners to widen the back end.  Body is the Protoform P905B Pro-10.  Painfully fast!
RC10R5 reinforced bumper- £28

The standard bumper plate has thin areas right around the mounting screws, just where you don't need a weak point.  Heavier hits can crack the carbon, bending the bumper and grounding out the car in turns and on the brakes.  This reinforced item is made from thicker 3mm solid carbon and doesn't have the material machined away near the mount points.


3mm woven carbon fibre bumper plate with engraved Full Option logo

Plenty of custom parts are fitted to this car.  If you are interested in any just let me know.