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About Full Option
Full Option is about the pursuit of enjoyment in the RC hobby.  It's a way of communicating ideas for making RC models that hopefully push the limits of the current state of the art, and a focus for my RC enthusiasm.  Its really satisfying to run an RC car that is completely scratch built, or has a lot of own designed parts on it.  Especially when those parts make a very noticeable improvement.  What is frustrating to me is when I read (usually in the terrible UK RC car magazines) that cars really can't get any better and new releases are simply fine tuning near-perfect designs.  This is total crap.  There are so many avenues in model car design still unexplored.
I like to play around with ideas, see how far cool concepts can be developed and make things that are a little bit different from the norm.  Some really great RC models are being released nowadays, and the serious hobbyist has to go to considerable effort to produce something that is 'better' than a factory product.  Often this takes the same commitment to machines, software and knowledge acquisition as it would for a full-scale manufacturer.  This can be costly, which is why I also offer a selection of parts for sale under the Full Option name.

Gone are the days when you could cut out a sheet of fibreglass with a hacksaw and have yourself a competitive on-road car.  Now you need to plan out a project realistically, source high quality materials and have access to cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.  Being able to quickly prototype designs using analysis software and rapid manufacturing has become necessary unless you want to make an outright copy of an existing product - and then it would not be an improvement.
The target market for some specialist parts may only be a handful of people around the world, which doesn't make good business sense for a large outfit.  I run small batches of parts that are often too complex or expensive to make for larger companies to offer.
Prototype fully ventilated brake disc