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The stock gearbox on the re-release is so weak, even the kit 540 motor can slip the diff gears when running a LiPo battery.  It's quite close to unusable, making it quite a disappointing re-release out of the box.  To make this car a low maintenance basher, the Super Duty gearbox was born.
The centre section is machined from a solid piece of 6082-T6 aluminium billet.  This keeps the assembly rigid.  Onto this are bolted the two 3mm carbon fibre CNC side plates, which have ultra high stiffness to resist the splaying forces from the bevel gear diff, the major cause of the problems with the standard arrangement.  To add further compatibility with high power, high RPM motors, the gearbox incorporates a sliding motor mount to allow the use of different sizes of pinion as the motor dictates.  To finish it off, a polycarbonate viewing window plate allows you to see the gear mesh and precisely set it.
This can become a fit-and-forget upgrade, adding the strength and functionality needed with the great looks of machined parts on top.  It is compatible with the MIP Super Ball Diff, but that upgrade no longer becomes necessary for a durable transmission.  Simply port across the standard diff and gears and let rip.
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Kit contents include all mounting screws, washers and nuts.  Hex socket hardware all round.  You require the standard kit bearings, shafts and gears.  Price is £120 GBP, email me to order.