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The Ultimate Grasshopper - Tamiya DT02 LT

The box art of the Grasshopper gives the impression of an agile, stable and rapid single seat buggy.  The bouncy, rigid axle reality of the kit falls somewhat short.
Back in the 1980s as the first proper RC car I had ever witnessed first hand I still thought it was amazing.
The DT02 LT 'Long Travel' Grasshopper is what I think the buggy should be with all of the constraints removed.  A true trailing-arm, oil damped high performance machine with serious strength and rough terrain handling capability.  Building on both the performance and the appearance to bring the machine forward 40 years.

The buggy is a combination of single seat desert buggy with some kartcross influences.  Emphasis is on suspension travel (LT) and realistic weight transfer.  This isn't a vintage build, or a race build, and definitely not something only for the shelf either.  It's more a car to play with on the sort of rough areas normally available when you go out bashing, and normally reserved for basher trucks rather than the more lightweight and lower buggies.
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Tamiya DT-02LT Ultimate Grasshopper