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Steering system
The position of the chassis rails at the front means a conventional double bellcrank steering arrangement is impossible.  If double bellcranks were fitted, they would be spaced so far apart that there would be far too much bump-steer.  I had to think of another way to move a steering rack from left to right.  I spent some considerable time working out a hydraulic arrangement using a double-acting ram.  In the end I went with what I thought would give less maintenance hassles.  A linear steering rack slides in a delrin bearing block.  The rack is dragged with a fine steel cable normally used for model aircraft closed-loop rudder systems.  To get the required travel, the cable is attached to a large pivoting beam made of carbon fibre.  This is rotated by the servo via a heavy duty servo saver.  The end result is a lot of steering travel with very little play in the system.
Steering rack and bearing block.  The grooved pulleys guide the steel wire onto the rack.
The completed steering assembly.
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