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Jam Laird's Full Option FTX Blaze ST buggy

Jam's car is used as a design testbed for Full Option upgrade parts.  Nothing will be added to this site without first undergoing a punishing racing test program.  Jam's car has highlighted where the stock vehicle is deficient and Full Option parts offer to improve on these shortcomings.  Handling, tuneability, weight and strength are the key areas where we have concentrated on improving these already competitive cars.  Jam's machine has gone from a solid mid-field runner to a consistent race-winning challenger with improvements to his car's mechanics and his driving skills.

Jam's car is equipped with the following Full Option parts:

Heavy Duty rear shock tower (prototype)
Heavy Duty front shock tower
Race Spec front upper suspension arms (prototype)
Heavy Duty rear hinge pin brace
Lightened upgrade FTX ball diffs
Aluminium spring retainer collars (prototype)


Every part we have produced for this car that proves itself under racing conditions will  be produced for sale to micro racers.  Designs change often to incorporate consistent development findings.  Finite element analysis is used in conjunction with real track testing to arrive at the optimum performance design.  This is an engineering approach that is sadly lacking in many OEM manufacturers vehicles.